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American Nightmare is your #1 choice when coming to Las Vegas for all of your Tattoo needs. Las Vegas is our city and the city that we love and we have been around for many decades.

Come down to American Nightmare Tattoo, we are considered to be one of the top Las Vegas Tattoo Shops in town and also host guest tattoo artist from around the world. Stay connected with us with updates.

Tattoo Ideas

Looking for that new tattoo idea or some inspiration to make that final decision?

Our Tattoo artist can assist you with making that decision. Call our shop or stop by and book your session. We are just minutes from the famous Las Vegas Strip. 

Don’t miss out during your visit to connect with the best Las Vegas tattoo artist in town. 

Mickey Wright Las Vegas Tattoo Artist

Mickey Wright

Mickey Wright is the Owner of American Nightmare Tattoo located in Las Vegas, NV. As one of the hardest working tattoo artist Las Vegas has seen. Check out Mickey’s page for further detail of Specialty Tattoos.

Jesse MacDonald Las Vegas Tattoo Artist

Jesse MacDonald

Jesse MacDonald is one of the top local tattoo artist in Las Vegas. Alongside with a many others at American Nightmare Tattoo. Check out Jesse’s Page to see the amazing tattoo work.

Jason Roofe Las Vegas Tattoo Artist

Jason Roofe

Jason Roofe can amaze you with some of the best artistic work. Check out Jason’s Page to see his portfolio of awesomeness.


American Nightmare Tattoo is the only Las Vegas Tattoo Shop that will be hosting a fundraiser for the Lyme Disease awareness.

What is Lyme Disease?

According to the research of Lyme Disease and reaching out to LYME WARRIOR, Lyme Disease is caused by a transmitted bacterium, Borrelia Burgdorferi. That is transmitted to humans thorugh a bite from an infected insect. This can include all ticks, mosquitoes, spiders, lice, and etc.

Is is estimated that approximately 300,000 people in the US alone are indected with the disease each year, but the actual number is probably significantly higher.

This event is to help raise awareness and all funds that are raised for the event will go to research for a cure to assist those with chronic Lyme Disease.

Tattoo Shops Near Me in Las Vegas

American Nightmare Tattoo has the top handpicked tattoo artist that deliver quality work with safe and sterile equipment. We are located minutes from the famous Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Fremont St. We accept walk-ins but due to popularity, Call today to book an appointment.

Tattoo Shop Health Concerns

All of our Tattoo Artist are well educated with any health concerns you might have. Questions regarding blood borne pathogens, cross contamination, and sterilization of equipment.

We keep our Tattoo Shop clean, to ensure a sterile and safe place for your visit. Its all about peace of mind when it comes to safety and cleanliness. Stop by and see why we are considered to be your best choice among Las Vegas tattoo shops. There is no other like it.

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