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Acceptable Tattoos In The Workplace

What is an acceptable tattoo to have in the workplace in coming into the new year of 2019? The idea of having a full sleeve or a neck tattoo that your boss will see was taboo at one time. Times have changed in a way to have more acceptable tattoo’s in the workplace that are appropriate.

If you are like me and have a full sleeves and hand tattoos that are clearly visible. You get many comments from all people. Tattoo enthusiasts or artist will respect the work and admire it. Relatives on the other hand will question your decision to get such a tattoo. “Will your work accept your tattoos?”  “Don’t you worry about what your work will say when you get a tattoo so visible?” These are a couple of the common questions that are given but we just give them the answer of “I do what I want!” That was a joke, don’t say it unless you mean it.

The fact is that we must respect every persons concerns when they ask such questions. Not everyone knows what it is like to have a tattoo so visible.

The Art of Tattoos

Tattoos are art and represent the person that you are. Nowadays tattoos have meaning and can some of the most amazing skilled artist to work on them. For most, tattoos build confidence as it expresses who we are that we could not express in words.

As we are heading into the 2019 year and tattoos are now becoming mainstream. There is no more covering up and hiding who you really are. Business settings are now more acceptable to tattoos more than you think. Businesses have now shifted the focus on the appearance of the person to the talent that the person has. This goes for Doctors, Lawyers, City Managers, Software Engineers, Nurses, and many many more. To sum it up, a person in every industry on the planet has tattoos. 

What If My Tattoo Is Offensive? 

There is a chance that your tattoo is offensive. Maybe offensive language or the artwork can be offensive by having naked women or men on your any part of your body that is visible. Since tattoos are now acceptable doesn’t mean that yours is. You will know yourself when you have chosen the piece to get. If you have those thoughts of knowing that its a little offensive in some way, maybe reconsider the location of the tattoo. 

Trust Your Tattoo Artist

Your tattoo artist going to give you some kind of heads up before they start a stencil. Talk to your tattoo artist and get some insight of what could be acceptable in your industry of work. 

Every tattoo artist has done work for all types of people of many backgrounds. So they know a thing or two. 

What Does Your Tattoo Say About You?

There is many types of tattoos that you can choose from or come up with your own custom design. Make sure that the piece you chose says a lot about you. Examples of tattoo layouts can be:

  • Sadness and Hurt

  • Lost a Loved One

  • Accomplishments

  • Artwork from Ancient Nationalities

  • Type of Work You Do

  • and so much more…

This list can go on and on but you catch the gist of it. Get something that says who you are in way to have people understand the meaning behind the art.


Mickey Wright, Las Vegas Tattoo Artist

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