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American Nightmare Tattoo

We are all about the Tattoo Culture and Lifestyle here at American Nightmare Tattoo.

Located minutes from the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Fremont St.

Due to popularity, We recommend making appointments in advance. Walk-ins are welcomed anytime.

Come see what we are all about.

Who We Are

This is where American Nightmare Tattoo started
American Nightmare Tattoo is one of the most popular Las Vegas Tattoo Shops in town. With some of the most talented and professional artist, we service all of our clients the upmost professional and courteous manner. We know that getting your first tattoo or going through sessions to work on a larger piece can feel somewhat exhausting.

Here at American Nightmare Tattoo we have a good time while doing work. As some Tattoo shops can feel a bit intimidating. You will be greeted at the door and become a long lasting client of American Nightmare.

Check out some of our Artist we have here at the shop.

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Blackwork Tattoo by American Nightmare Tattoo


Blackwork can range from any kind of design by solely using black ink. There is so much that can happen within a blackwork tattoo that can make it come alive. The type of artwork can vary from sacred geometry to portraits and everything in between.

New School Tattoo by American Nightmare Tattoo

New School

New School isn’t really that new anymore but the name is still associated with the type of artwork. New School tattoos came from the 90’s caricatures of Ren and Stimpy or anything that is cartoonish or wild.

Tribal Tattoo by American Nightmare Tattoo


Tribal Tattoos are one of the oldest styles that are done today. Dating back thousands of years mostly black ink with and very similar to one another but with unique patterns.  Also known as: indigenous body art.

Waterwork Tattoo by American Nightmare Tattoo


Watercolor Tattoos can sometimes be tricky but this is the new trend that new millennial’s are going towards. When putting the color on skin takes skills that are far beyond brushing on paper. Watercolor Tattoos are amazing and in demand with most tattoo enthusiast.

Realism Tattoo by American Nightmare Tattoo


Realism Tattoos have been making their way through the tattoo industry and have held strong in popularity. You will find some amazing realism tattoo artwork that range from color to black and grey portraits of personal or celebrity artwork.

Neo Traditional Tattoo by American Nightmare Tattoo

Neo Traiditional

New Traditional has taken over from it predecessor of Traditional Tattoo artwork. The artist have focused on the work done that can bring the images to life with amazing texture and aesthetic detail work. Neo Traditional artwork is amazing with some of the best color palettes.

Waterwork Tattoo by American Nightmare Tattoo


Japanese style tattoos are some of the most amazing tattoo pieces that tell a story through Japanese folklore. Recreating the artwork of Japanese heroes and mythical creatures like dragons, phoenix, and much more.

Neo Traditional Tattoo by American Nightmare Tattoo


Traditional tattoos date back from the 1700’s. Picking up pieces of artwork from each area sailors have visited throughout their time as mementos. This goes from the popular tattoos from¬† Sailor Jerry. This type of artwork continues to hold strong and very popular among the rockabilly scene.

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