Spanish Boy

Las Vegas Tattoo Artist Spanish Boy

Las Vegas Tattoo Artist 

 Spanish Boy is considered one of the most dedicated Tattoo Artist that is now residing in Las Vegas, NV. An artist that started with a passion of art at a very young age. 

When it comes to tattoo styles, Spanish Boy has experience with so many styles. Types that include:

  • Script
  • Japanese
  • Portraits
  • Color
  • Blackwork

People often ask Spanish Boy what type of tattoos styles he enjoys to work with. The honest answer is that he prefers working to the customers demands and mental content. As it is more satisfying bringing people’s ideas to skin. 


Spanish Boy

You can often see Spanish Boy at the Tattoo Conventions. Attending the conventions and participating as a guest artist is a passion. Otherwise know for his work with Gold n Anchor and Spanish Gypsy.

Due to a high demand in clients that come from California, Arizona, and Nevada. Send a message for availability.

 Tattoo Pricing

If you are looking for a price quote. Come by the shop and get a FREE consultation. The pricing of the Tattoo will all depend on these factors.

  • Size
  • Placement
  • Detail
American Nightmare Tattoo


Address: 2123 Western Ave,                                                Las Vegas, NV 89102

Phone: (702)-610-4806

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