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Tattoo Aftercare

At American Nightmare Tattoo we take great pride on creating Tattoo masterpieces. How you take care of your new Tattoo will depend on how it will look for the rest of your life.

Suggestions for Tattoo Aftercare. Takes the steps on taking care of your tattoo. Don’t want to make a mess of a new Tattoo.

If you have any questions regarding Tattoo Aftercare, contact our shop at 702-259-3205

Tattoo Aftercare by American Nightmare Tattoo

What To Do

– Leave the bandage on for a minimum of 2 hours after tattoo session

– Make sure that your surroundings are clean before removing the bandage

– Before removing the bandage, wash your hands 

– Wash your tattoo with soap and warm water

– If there is any blood, ink, or plasma around, wash it off

– When drying your new tattoo, pat dry and don’t rub it

– Apply ointment thoroughly for 3 days especially if the tattoo is feeling dry and tight

– Use scented free or fragrance free lotion after the 3rd day

– The tattoo is going to peel and scab, when washing your tattoo in this stage, pat with wash cloth and avoid rubbing and scratching as this could leave permanent markings

What NOT To Do

– Do NOT let your tattoo dry out

– Avoid apply to much ointment, your skin still has to breathe

– Try avoiding the direct sun light and tanning beds

– The tattoo is going to itch and scab up, do not pick at it or rub the tattoo. Instead pat the tattoo with a wet paper towel

– Do not soak the tattoo in water for long periods of time.

– Try no to smother your tattoo with clothes that are tight. Try wearing something loose to avoid rubbing the tattoo

Additional Tattoo Aftercare Tips

Keep your new tattoo moisturized.


When it comes to Tattoo Aftercare, Tattoos take between 4 – 6 weeks to fully heal. during this process is when the tattoo aftercare should be applied.

Apply moisturizer every two hours for the first thirty days. Then three times daily till day 14.

Avoid soaking tattoos in water for a period of 7 days.


Do not plunge your new tattoo underwater for long periods of time. This means pools, sauna, or Jacuzzi’s.

We recommend avoiding water for a period of 7 days.

Touch-ups for a new tattoo


After you let your tattoo heal for at least 6 weeks.

If there is any kind of fading, contact your tattoo artist for any touch-ups.

Always keep your tattoo clean and wash your hands.


Your Tattoo is microscopic holes that could be open to infection. Always wash your hands before cleaning the tattoo and wash it twice daily.
Sunscreen for a new tattoo, avoid keeping it out of the sun.


We recommend applying any kind of SPF to your new tattoo to fully protect it from the sun. If possible. Keep your tattoo out of the sun for 6 weeks.
What to expect for a new tattoo


All tattoos are different and they heal in a different way. This all depends on skin types as well. The skin pigmentation can cause your tattoo to heal longer or sooner than normal time and may cause fading.

We recommend talking to your tattoo artist to get all the details of what to expect with a new tattoo.

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